ICP Adhesives & Sealants offers a variety of cleaners manufactured for the professional user to be used with Handi-Foam and Polyset products and accessories.


Multi-purpose Handi-Cleaner® is a spray solvent used to dissolve uncured foam. Handi-Cleaner can also be attached to the Handi-Tool Dispensing Units, allowing it to be flushed and kept clean and operable. CONTENTS: Acetone and carbon dioxide.
P10083 – 12 oz. Handi-Cleaner
TDS – A16142 Handi-Cleaner
SDS – A16304 Handi-Cleaner

Polysolv Cleaner

Polysolv Cleaner is a spray solvent specifically designed to dissolve uncured Polyset adhesive foam. CONTENTS: Acetone and carbon dioxide.
62484448303 – 12 oz. Polysolv Aerosol Cleaner
TDS – A16541 Polysolv Cleaner
SDS – 3073749 Polysolv Cleaner

Polyurethane Glycol Cleaner

Polyurethane Glyocol Cleaner is a spray foam equipment cleaner. CONTENTS: Propylene Glycol Monomenthyl Ether.
62484075304 – A1008 Polyurethane Glycol Cleaner
SDS – 3068129 Polyurethane Glycol Cleaner